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SHARC is a rapid modeling and analysis tool designed to predict the waterborne fate and transport of hazardous releases consisting of oils, toxic industrial chemicals and materials, radiological materials, chemical warfare agents, pathogens or medical and industrial by-products.

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MANTA Response

MANTA™ Response provides the first responder with the initial four hour hazard exclusion zone due to a material spill from a container vessel.

MANTA™ Response calculates the material transport and fate, on-the-fly, taking into account all relevant environmental information to provide the responder with a fast and reliable forecast.


MPA Viewer

MPA Viewer provides a high-resolution cloud-based data repository that serves as the foundation for emergency response environmental situational awareness, maritime operations mission planning and as the base for customized special mission unit tactical decision aides.

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Joint Effects Model

MPA is a key member of the development team for the Joint Effects Model Increment 2 (JEM2) as a subcontractor for General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT). MPA has been the primary developer for the integration of two of the sub-systems, Meteorological Processing (METS) and Radiological Transport for HPAC (RTH), as well as the integrator for several of the Incident Source Models which include: ISM-NFAC; RWPN; NTWPN and NWI.



MMV is a geospatially enabled maritime operations (ocean, littoral, coastal, and riverine) decision aide deployed with Naval Special Warfare embedded METOC and mission planners.

The MMV provides the mission planner one stop access to: Environmental Forecasts, Real Time & Historical Datasets, Mission Specific Analysis Tools & Databases

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